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$50 Voucher For Your Next Purchase

Gift Voucher


Tell us about your experience with Mintstone Candles and receive your voucher!

The voucher can be redeemed at our online store ( or our market stall at Queen Victoria Market (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday).


By following these simple steps:


Grab your Mintstone Candles product(s) (whether it's a candle or a reed diffuser, or multiple products) and recall all the good feelings and memories from enjoying these babies!


Now, you need a phone that can record video. Make sure to show your face and Mintstone Candles products clearly. We recommend asking a friend or family member to record you. And let's start recording! 

REMEMBER, in order for you to get the gift voucher, ensure these points are covered:

  1. A smile on your face and your name (e.g. Hellooo! My name is ...).
  2. Make sure our products are well seen in the video.
  3. Clear audio of your voice.
  4. Tell our community why you love Mintstone Candles and how our products made your space and time happier and more joyful! 
Note: If you have more than 1 product, don't be shy, show us all you have! We will give you an additional $5 voucher for each additional product you mention and showcase in the video!
5. Importantly, the video must be recorded horizontally and shouldn't be longer than 3 minutes. 


Email your video to with the title 'This is why we love Mintstone Candles!'




p.s.: We thank you very much for giving our products a voice! By receiving your email with the video, we understand that you give your consent to potentially use your testimonial on our social networks and as advertising materials. Please note that if your video does not meet the mentioned requirements, you will not be able to receive your gift voucher.