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Hello candle lovers! I am Saemyi, the creator/candle maker of Mintstone Candles and this is a brief story of how my love for candle making started and how Mintstone Candles came to be!



I was 8 when I first made a candle for a summer vacation homework. My first candle wasn’t made with soy wax or anything similar. It was made with old crayons! Yes, that was my very first candle, a crayon candle!!


As a child, one of my favourite weekend plans was to visit a temple with my mother. We weren’t so much into any religion but the journey to the temple and each other’s presence were what we enjoyed the most. I was born in South Korea and normally, temples in Korea are surrounded by nature, often located on a very hilly mountain. It used to take us hours just to get there, hiking (what matters is not the destination but the journey, right?) and when arriving, we would light up a candle and verbally share each other’s intention - this was something of a ritual. We would then sit there for some time, meditating (or just being, listening to the birds singing) in a room fuuuuuull of candles, staring at the flickering candle flames.



A few years ago, I ordered a candle-making kit to make some gifts for my lovely friends. Since then candle making became one of my favourite hobbies and passions. One day I decided to share my love for candle making, and a sense of light, peace and stillness with more people by making my love made candles available for everyone! That is how Mintstone Candles was born.


Mintstone Candles has also become a way to express love not only for candles but for our community and the planet. All our candles are hand-poured in Melbourne using 100% natural eco soy wax and Australian premium fragrance oils with sustainability in mind. No paraffin, no additives, no colourants and no cruelty. Each candle is individually handmade with great attention and care.


We would like our customers to see our candles as a channel to bring light, stillness, peace and love to their space. A reminder to pause and bring attention to breathing, and just ‘being’. We do a lot of ‘doing’ daily (some important, some not so important) and often forget to just ‘be’.


We send you a warm invitation to gift yourself or your loved ones a quality me-time - I call it candle time!


Have a wonderful candle time, everyone.